Jacqui Wood

Jacqui is our main superstar receptionist who not only calmly looks after all of us and takes care of all the behind scenes and the day to day running of the clinic but most importantly she is the one you get when you call needing a massage and she books you in!

Jacqui is also our in-house Aromatherapist, having graduated from the Australian College of Aromatherapy in March 2019 with a Master Aromatherapy Diploma specialising in Aromatherapy for Menopausal Women. She is passionate about treatments that use essential oils to promote physical and emotional wellbeing and has a wide range of knowledge of essential oils and their uses. She works Tuesday to Friday sharing her time between reception and providing clinical aromatherapy consultations, pre and post-menopausal women’s health checks, relaxation and aromatherapy massage, and chakra balancing using essential oils.