Aromatherapy encompasses human pathology and the treatment of different conditions to promote emotional and physical wellbeing using essential oils. Aromatherapy services include: clinical patient consultations, identifies appropriate essential oils, plans and explains treatments, creates blends of oils, applies oils (often via therapeutic massage) and provides advice about diet, exercise and lifestyle. Aromatherapy massage can: relieve stress, promote, relaxation, balance chakra’s, improve mood, reduce anxiety, decrease depression, promote positive emotional health and improve sleep.



Treatment Fees

As of August 2019:

Pre & Menopausal Women’s Health Checks     $65


Clinical Consultation                                           $65


Follow Up Appointment                                      $160


Aromatherapy Massage:

Relaxation (60 min)                                           $75


Foot (45 min)                                                     $60


Hand (30 min)                                                    $45